If Girish Bapat went to meet Dhangekar, Bapat said, Ravi, if there is any problem, tell me, I will see… – congress mla ravindra dhangekar shared memories with bjp girish bapat IG News

Pune : Girish Bapat, a cultured leader who gained a multifaceted identity as the undisputed dominance of the city and the strength of Pune from the municipality to the parliament, passed away at the age of 72. His journey started from a labor leader in a telco company and reached the post of corporator, standing committee chairman, MLA, minister and MP of Pune Municipal Corporation. Girish Bapat’s political journey has always taken an inclusive stance in his four-decade-long career. He always maintained cordial relations with leaders of other parties while settling political calculations. He had good friendship with all the party leaders.

Girish Bapat was battling a terminal illness for the past several months. He was undergoing treatment at Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune. So will they actively participate in the recently held Kasba by-elections or not? If there is, will it affect Congress leader Ravindra Dhangekar? Such discussions began to take place. Bapat said that initially he will not participate in the campaign. But as soon as the BJP realized that the wind in the village was going against it, Bapat was fielded. Bapat also campaigned for the BJP while having tubes in his nose, obeying the orders of the party leadership without worrying about his health. But this time BJP failed to retain the seat of Kasba.

Girish Bapat: The fort was seized from the Congress, how did the tiger of the BJP rule the town for 25 years?
After beating Kasbya’s ground, Congress leader Ravindra Dhangekar went to Girish Bapat’s house to seek his blessings. On seeing Dhangekar, Girish Bapat congratulated him on his election and wished him the best for his future political journey. Dhangekar bowed to Bapat, let his blessings be… Without even a moment’s delay, the brothers said to the Dhangekars, Ravi, if there is any problem, tell him, if there is anything, let him know… Dhangekar’s eyes were filled with tears.

Girish Bapat: Came to Pune, but did not let the umbilical cord break with Amravati, 30 acres of farming in the village, used to enjoy the farm!
Ravindra Dhangekar contested elections in 2009 and 2014 against Girish Bapat. Both times there were three-way fights. Girish Bapat won both times due to the division of votes. Once Girish Bapat won after losing. Dhangekar made Bapat sweat. Bapat won that election by only 9 thousand votes. But Bapat never looked at Dhangekar as a candidate to fight against him. Once the elections were held, he had friendly relations with everyone.

Girish Bapat has played a big role in establishing civilized politics in Pune. Girish Bapat has always kept Pune away from this politics, looking at the fractious politics of Maharashtra today. While the leaders from outside Pune came to Pune to find political shortcomings and throw mud at each other, Girish Bapat continued the tradition of civilized politics by bringing together the leaders of all parties at Wadeshwar Katta in Pune.