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If not today Tomorrow they would have to talk to the person sitting in Adiala, Rauf Hasan.

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Tayyab Saif: Rauf Hasan says the events of 1971 are being repeated again. Government is given to this party which is his character. If not today Tomorrow he would have to talk to the person sitting in Adiala.

While holding a press conference in Islamabad Federal Capital Pakistan Federal Minister Rauf Hassan said that over the past two years, the media’s voice has become distorted along with ours. After the overthrow of Imran Khan’s government, there was no precedent for the atrocities committed against the PTI, despite our pleas. But the Judicial Commission has not yet been established. Individualist dictatorships remain behind democracy.

He continued: People gave 2/3 of their government to PTI. Atrocities were committed against PTI and most of our people were taken away. PTI people were arrested and kidnapped. All tactics are being used so that should PTI people change their allegiance, PTI cannot be eliminated even if it is eliminated. all the effort Oppression doesn’t just happen to Pakistanis. but also the state of Pakistan. Nothing happened to me. A lot happened to those who were with me.
Ruf Hasan was not satisfied and said that according to the law it was done to everyone. These people came to me three days ago. They attacked me and threatened me. The attacker keeps saying we are behind you. The attacker’s goal was to slash my neck. The wound would heal and I wouldn’t even be able to see it. The wounds the country received did not move. The events of 1971 happened again. The government was handed over to a party with character.

Emphasizing that it is time for the entire nation to stand up and the entire nation to come out, this question has nothing to do with my life. But about the whole state The state was pushed into closed channels, any narrative could be achieved within two years. I failed Farad Wahid’s officials have completely failed. You killed us. We will not bow down. Tell me where to come. shoot me in the chest We stand for a Pakistan that belongs to Rao Quaid-e-Azam saw a dream, if not today, then tomorrow he would have to talk to the person sitting in Adiala.

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