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If you look at someone’s form and vote, it will happen: Mustafa Kamal

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If you look at someone’s form and vote, it will happen: Mustafa Kamal

Karachi: Mustafa Kamal says how people will be trusted in this day and age.

Pak Sarzamin Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal while talking to media outside the accountability court said that the era of audio and video leak is going on in the country. New revelations are being made every hour. This is not a video of a common man or a TV actor. Videos of the country’s top people are coming.

“This is a moment of reflection for all of us,” he said. Don’t we have a system to stop someone from doing something wrong? Why not check before coming to such positions. How can people be trusted in this day and age? Why is there an open discussion regarding former Chief Justice?

He said that there should be a process so that no wrong person could be a part of the system. The common man is not getting justice in the courts. In the last ten years, there has been talk of two former chief justices. This is not a good thing for the judiciIG.

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The PSP chairman said that if a nation is to be destroyed, then its hope should be destroyed. People are now taking everything for granted. Character doesn’t matter. If a man is not good then he cannot be a good official.

Mustafa Kamal said that when they go to marry a girl, they know the character of the boy. Millions of people here are handed over, no one knows. Why are our people voting without knowing the role of leaders?

He said that if I put one lakh books on a donkey, he would not become a PhD. If you vote by looking at someone’s form, it will happen. My request to PDM is that if you want to bring revolution with PPP then nothing can happen.

He said that if you are concerned about the people then see what are the achievements of PPP in Sindh. PPP and PTI are two sides of the same coin. The Nusla Tower is being demolished, but no action is being taken against those who allowed it. It is the fault of the institutions that allowed such construction

The PSP chairman said that if the SBCA had been bombed, illegal constructions would have been wiped out from the entire city. Such measures do not meet the requirements of justice. After 2010, the Master Plan Department was transferred to SBCA. This is the same example of making a thief a watchman.

Mustafa Kamal said that the master plan department used to prevent all illegal activities. There can be no improvement unless good people come to power.

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