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If you submit your municipal tax online, you will receive a discount this time IG News


Correspondent of Puber’s pen: Like CESC, Kolkata Municipal Corporation will also give discount on online deposit of tax. Firhad Hakim, Mayor of Kolkata and Minister of State for Public Works and Urban Development, announced the decision after a meeting of the mayor’s council on Friday.

The mayor said that for the convenience of ordinary people, citizens will get a 1% discount if they submit their property tax online. Many a times tax payers rush to pay property tax to Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Because of this, they often have to stand in long queues. Many were harassed. Mayor Firhad Hakim said that this problem will be solved to some extent.

He also said that especially in the case of small houses, their transport costs are higher than taxes. Hence this decision. However, the mayor also said that this discount will not be applicable for more than 200 rupees. In fact, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation has sprung a new surprise by announcing an additional concession in online property tax ahead of the budget.

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