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I’m Proud of American Students Protesting Against Israeli Invasion: Bernie Sanders

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Bernie Sanders, US Senator – file photo

Bernie Sanders, liberal American Jewish senator said he was proud that American students protested against Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians in the Gaza War.

Bernie Sanders launches social media site X to support student protests at American universities and colleges. to resist Israeli aggression

He wrote in the post: “We held a convention at the University of Chicago in 1962 to end racist policies, and in 1963 I was arrested while protesting. But I was right.”

Bernie Sanders added: “I am proud to see students protesting the war in Gaza.”

Thank you for the picture from
Thank you for the picture from

“Keep calm and focus on the right things. Because you all are on the right,” he wrote to encourage American students.

Additionally, Bernie Sanders in a recent interview compared demonstrations on American universities and colleges against Israeli aggression to the Vietnam War, saying, “In 1968, because of protests by American students against the war, Vietnam American President Lyndon at the time Johnson was unable to run for reelection because of his comments during the Vietnam War.

“I’m really worried about Joe. Biden has alienated America’s youth and many leaders of the Democratic Party with his inappropriate support for Israel,” he said.

It should be noted that protests against Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip are currently underway at American universities and colleges.

According to American media reports Police removed a pro-Palestinian protest camp at the University of California. Meanwhile, a drone was tracking a rally of pro-Palestinian protesters at the University of Texas.

Students from DePaul University in Chicago and Illinois also protested for the Palestinians.

More than 2,500 students have been arrested at these protests since April 17 in America.

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