Imran Khan is sitting quietly at home for fear of Rana Sanaullah, Uzma Bukhari IG News

Spokesperson PML-N Punjab Uzmi Bukhari says that Imran Khan is sitting in the house hiding from Rana Sanaullah and using the workers as a shield.
Web Desk: Spokesperson of Punjab Muslim League-N Azmi Bukhari while talking to the media in Faisalabad said that the death of Ali Bilal alias Zal Shah was not due to police violence but in a road accident. He got out of the car on the pretext of leaving and while trying to escape, he was killed by a PTI leader’s car.
Uzmi Bukhari said that PTI tried to paint the incident as a murder, Imran Khan makes a spectacle of people’s dead bodies, Faisal Vawda is remembered after seeing everything.
He named Yasmin Rashid as ‘Women’s Imran Khan’ and said that he does not even care about his white hair, he used women as Imran Khan’s shield and Ali Bilal’s body for Imran Khan’s politics.
The spokesperson of Muslim League-N said that the caretaker chief minister along with IG Punjab presented the facts, the video about the PTI worker was edited and played.
He said that Imran Khan and PTI do not remember death, they conspire on murder, do politics on dead bodies, this is a pain to Zal Shah’s family, Imran Khan has no pain.
Uzma Bukhari said that the whole nation is seeing the difference between a leader and a jackal, why should anyone die for Imran Khan? Their children are sitting outside, Imran Khan’s wounds are not of such a nature that plaster should be applied on him, why are the workers beating Imran Khan?
He criticized the former prime minister and said that Imran Khan has polluted the morals of the youth. It should be picked up and thrown out by the power of vote in elections.
Uzmi Bukhari said that we had saved the nation from the IMF before and we will save the nation from its clutches in the future. Watch thieves, money launderers involved in foreign funding, want to impose the enemy of the economy on themselves or give their children a secure future and a bright Pakistan.


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