In Ambaji, the CM gifted an important religious icon to PM Modi IG News

  • CM Bhupendra Patel presents PM Modi with Kalpa tree carved from marble
  • A gift of a special Kalpa tree carved in marble was created by SAPTI
  • This Kalpa tree was built under the guidance of Minister of State Jagdish Vishwakarma

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Gujarat. Meanwhile, he has gifted Gujarat with many development works. Narendra Modi today visited Shaktipeeth Ambaji Temple and participated in Aarti. State Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel presented a special Kalpa tree to Narendra Modi in a meeting held at Ambaji. Kalpavriksha is made from marble stone. This Kalpavriksha has been prepared by sculptors affiliated to Sapti (Stone Artisan Park Training Institute – SAPTI) institute. This Kalpavriksha has been created under the guidance of Minister of State for Industries Jagdish Vishwakarma.

Kalpa tree is an important religious symbol found in Samudramanthan

The divine wish-fulfilling Kalpa tree is an important religious symbol found in Samudramanthan, in which Hindu, Jain and Buddhist followers have faith and reverence. From time immemorial, the Kalpa tree is believed to have played an important role in maintaining the balance of life by fulfilling worldly and spiritual desires. Even today, the Kalpa tree is globally relevant for raising awareness of environmental issues and conservation of wildlife.

Sapti’s contribution to the renovation and decoration of Ambaji

Yatradham Ambaji is being renovated and beautified. Sapti Ambaji, embodying the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is making a special contribution to this decoration. A unique series of symposiums namely ‘Shilpotsav’ is being organized at Sapti Ambaji. Apart from the senior and renowned sculptors of the country, emerging sculptors from various states of the country are also provided a platform to showcase their talents in this grand conference. Three conferences have been held so far under Shilpotsav, in which around 50 sculptures have been produced. These stone sculptures have been installed at various places to decorate the outdoor places near Ambaji and Gabbar Hill area. These amazing stone sculptures will connect tourists-devotees with cultural and historical context of Gujarat and Ambaji along with promoting Ambaji as a comprehensive center of stone art and tourism of Ambaji.

Narendra Modi’s Vision: Establishment of Artisan Park Training Institute (SAPTI).

Gujarat is rich in natural stone quarries along with a rich heritage of sculpture. Danta taluk of Banaskantha district of the state is famous for marble and granite and Dhrangadhra taluk of Surendranagar district is famous for sandstone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisioned setting up well-equipped sculpture complexes at Ambaji in North Gujarat and Dhrangadhra in Saurashtra to take forward this valuable sculptural heritage by harnessing the vast potential of the state’s stonework industry. Sapti was established in the year 2009 by the Office of the Commissioner Geology and Minerals under the Department of Industries and Mines Minerals of the State with the objective of enhancing the livelihood of the communities traditionally engaged in stone crafting as well as promoting the stone crafting profession and creating skilled artisans. A variety of new curricula have been implemented and experienced faculties in the field of art and design have been appointed to develop Sapti as a center of excellence.


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