In broad daylight in Patna, the miscreants absconded from the jewelery shop with ornaments worth lakhs of rupees, had arrived posing as customers – Latest Bihar News| Current News of Bihar IG News

In the capital Patna on Thursday, miscreants fled with jewelry worth lakhs of rupees from a jewelry shop in broad daylight. In Shubh Lakshmi Jewelers and Brothers, some people came posing as customers and tricked the shop owner and fled away with jewelry worth 15 lakhs. Incident Khagaul Road, It is from Mithapur. The miscreants have carried out the incident at 12 o’clock, after which Shishir Kumar, the owner of the jewelery shop, filed an application at the Jakkanpur police station. It was told that both the miscreants had come on a scooty.

He told in his application that jewelry worth about Rs 15 lakh has gone missing from the shop. Two persons posing as customers came and bought a 10 gram silver coin. After that they asked to buy gold tops. And both the miscreants stole a box of gold items. His house is located below the Canara Bank, in which he runs a jewelery shop. Said that the box contained gold chain about 150 grams, gold ring about 80 grams and earrings. The shopkeeper said that as soon as he turned towards the vault to keep the goods, both the miscreants ran away from the shop with the goods.

He then went in pursuit, but the miscreants had parked their scooty outside the shop. They both sat down and fled. Shishir Kumar in his application has also mentioned the appearance of the two men. He said that one of the men was in his 40s. Will be between 45 while the age of the other will be between 35 and 40. The first one was wearing a sky blue shirt and black pants while the other was wearing a white shirt and black jeans. She was of dark blue colour. The victim has filed an application in the police station pleading for justice. Along with this, arresting both the people has also demanded immediate action.


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