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In Gaza in 2009, the GEO team’s Bana home was destroyed in an attack.

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The house where I stayed while reporting for Geo News in 2009 was destroyed today. Beth Hanun and this home are filled with memories. turned into ruins Foreign journalists, including a Geo News team, were allowed into Gaza after waiting at the Rafah border for two days.

Due to power outages and roads deserted entering Gaza, So myself and cameraman Azeem Ahmed Khan decided to head north from Rafah towards Beit Hanoun, home to the famous Erez crossing, which meant we covered a total of forty kilometers of From the south to the north, they traveled in a dark and tense atmosphere.

For this purpose I chose the famous and central Salah al-Din Highway in Gaza. I remember the day when US President Obama Take the oath of office and the date should be January 20, 2009

In Gaza in 2009, the GEO team's Bana home was destroyed in an attack.

The taxi driver charged us $100 and we chose to stay at our translator’s house. family and children Well-educated engineer Muhammad Al-Masri, who was always ready to help us every moment during our stay. As related, recently when the story The story of the tunnels in Gaza was published on digital media. Omar obviously grabbed my arm as I went down the deep tunnel and told him to be careful (Ali).

Sometimes in Beit Lahia, sometimes in the Zeitoun area, sometimes in Shifa Hospital, sometimes in UN-run schools. There were reports of Palestinian refugees everywhere. Omar and his brother Jaber were with us.

Whether it is a report about an old mosque Israeli currency or gas shortage Report on cutting down Israeli olive trees or a review of Gaza’s infrastructure. Including Mosque of Omar From the driver to the road All kinds of difficulties or a good restaurant The selection was the work of Omar and Jaber, probably the head of the engineer family. Muhammad Al-Masri had strict orders to take special care of the guests.

Children must be under their father’s orders at all times. Even at night, it may become their duty to make us comfortable until bedtime, having the opportunity to eat sweets. I don’t like sweets, but I will never forget. Desserts of Gaza Funnily enough, Umar was listening to Ali Haider’s old song “Dekho kehin hai kya babat Chandni Raateen.” Once, while visiting Bait Laihia, I translated the English song into Umar and told him that today I was the interpreter. yours

The buzz and surveillance of an Israeli drone recording footage on the roof of his house was initially a concern. But then we get used to it. Omar enjoys teasing and fighting with his younger brother Helmi. The Erez crossing point on the Israeli border is visible from the rooftops.

The descendants of engineer Muhammad al-Masri weren’t just fed delicious meals. only for me But they also gave me a place to pray as a gift on the occasion of my departure.

After the war began, Umar Beit Hanun, along with his young daughter and pregnant wife, walked through Dar Badr to the Nusirat camp. And sometimes it can be very difficult to contact them by messenger. He couldn’t shower or eat for a week. He never told me about his drinking problem. I once told my subordinates about Omar’s problems. Computer engineer from Gaza With prayers because I can’t do anything else.

In this regard, we have reached out diplomatically to evacuate the family’s three siblings from Gaza as soon as possible. Unable to do anything, we contacted their father Muhammad Al-Masri in America or our second translator, and Omar’s brother Jaber Al-Masri lives in Salwania. Omar was expelled from Gaza.

Umar rarely spoke of hardship and hunger. But he was very worried about his unborn child. Suddenly, a bomb dropped on the Nusirat camp. An explosion followed by blood and screams. Umar and his wife hardly have any children. He even wrote him a kind note. In destruction and despair

A beautiful daughter was born to Umar. He told me, “This is my warrior daughter.” Daughter is coming And Um’s immigration case from America was immediately approved. But the Egyptian monster on the Rafah border wanted 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

Even in this situation Such is the shameful attitude of Egyptians on the border that Omar’s brother, Rafah Ahmed, refuses to leave the Gaza Strip despite heavy attacks. It’s as if it’s like the scene in the 2006 movie Apocalypto where the hero said: is my Gaza Strip I am a son of this Gaza Strip.

After the explosion in Nusirat camp Daughter should come Omar leaves Gaza But another bomb erased all traces of this beautiful house in Beit Hanun, which is part of our beautiful memories.

For the first time, it felt as if Israel had directly attacked me personally. Because if there is one place outside the country that I would like to stop at again. That was the home of engineer Muhammad al-Masri and Beit Hanun.

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