In Madhya Pradesh, 101 animals died due to Lumpi virus, Kamal Nath said – instead of cow mothers, the government’s attention is on the cheetah event IG News

At the same time, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and Congress leader Kamal Nath has targeted the Shivraj government. Kamal Nath tweeted saying, “The outbreak of lumpi virus is increasing day by day in Madhya Pradesh. In many parts of the state, cow mothers are getting infected by this virus in large numbers, a large number of cow mothers are also dying due to this virus. Today, the condition of Gaushalas in Madhya Pradesh, the condition of cow mothers, cow mothers are becoming victims of accidents on the roads every day, they are not getting even fodder to eat, there is a lot of disorder in the Gaushalas, due to which thousands of people are living in the state. The pictures of the death of cow mothers have come to the fore so far. In view of that, today there is a need to take care of cow mothers and cow shelters in the state, but the entire attention of the government is now focused on the cheetah event instead of the cow mother. I am the government. I request the government to take all necessary steps immediately in this regard.”


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