In Shahad, the wife was stabbed by her husband with a sharp knife IG News

Kalyan- At Shahad near Kalyan on Monday night, a husband stabbed her husband with a sharp knife and seriously injured her. When she fell unconscious on the ground, her husband ran away after putting chilli powder in her eyes and body. A case has been registered in Khadakpad police station in this regard. The accused has been identified as Saadhan Sitaram Patil (35, Driver, Res. Shahad, Near Paras Dhaba, Kalyan). He is originally a resident of Bodhgaon in Dhule district. His injured wife’s name is Vigilance Sadhan Patil. In this case, on the complaint of Aarti Bhoir (Rest. Gurunath Kashelkar Chal, Mohane Rasta, Shahad, Kalyan), sister of vigilance, the police have registered a case against the accused Saadhan.

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The police said, Saadhan’s wife Vikjana has come to her home in Shahad. At eight o’clock on Monday night, the husband came to take Saadhan Vikjana home. At that time vigilance made it clear that he would not come. His angry husband was satisfied. He started abusing his wife Vigil. This time Vigil was telling sister Aarti what had happened, ‘If you don’t come with me, I won’t let you live’. Saying this, he took out a sharp blade from his pocket and started stabbing his wife’s neck and hands. The wife tried to retort her husband. In a fit of anger, he stabbed his wife with a sharp blade. She fainted and fell down. At that time, the accused husband Saadhan ran away by throwing chilli powder on his wife’s body and eyes. Assistant Police Inspector S. A. Gawli is investigating the matter.


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