In Tamil Nadu, RSS procession can be held on November 6 instead of October 2 – High Court allows IG News

The Madras High Court ordered the RSS organization to hold the march on November 6 instead of October 2 and ordered the Tamil Nadu Police to give permission for it by October 31.

On October 2, the RSS Protesting the police orders refusing permission for the procession, the RSS The organization had more than 50 cases pending. The High Court hearing these cases had imposed conditions and directed the police to grant permission. But the RSS is against the police for not giving permission in more than 30 places. The organizers had filed contempt of court cases.

These cases came up for hearing today before Judge GK Elandraiyan. Then the RSS Senior advocate S. Prabhakaran appeared for the side and argued that although the court had ordered conditions to grant permission to the procession, the police had refused permission, which was an act of contempt of the court and argued that no one should underestimate the judiciary.

In 2013, the LTTE filed a petition with the police three days ago to hold a rally on Ambedkar’s birthday and immediately approached the court, but permission was granted with conditions, he said. But now RSS He said that the party had applied for permission for the procession a month ago, but the permission was denied.


Prabhakaran said that the refusal of permission by the police after giving an assurance that they will not raise slogans against anyone is not understood and is causing emotional pain. He also pointed out that the police are saying that there will be law and order problem because they have to deny permission to the procession.

RSS On behalf of the organization, another senior advocate G. Rajagopalan appeared and said that the Supreme Court has instructed many times that it is the duty of the police to maintain law and order, and while permission has been given in Kerala and Puducherry, where there is a fierce protest against the ban on the Popular Friend of India, permission is being denied only in Tamil Nadu.

RSS Another senior lawyer NL Raja appeared on behalf of the organizers and questioned how permission could be denied to a procession celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday only in Tamil Nadu. After that, senior advocate NR Ilango appeared for the Tamil Nadu Police and said that the investigation by the National Intelligence Agency, the ban on Popular Friend of India, the BJP and the RSS. He said that the police have taken the decision considering the petrol bombing of the administrators’ houses.


He said that permission was denied based on the information given by central and state intelligence agencies that especially anti-social elements are likely to disturb public peace and damage public property. He said that the reports of the Central Intelligence Agency cannot be ignored and that the welfare of the general public is of the utmost importance and the police is working on it.

RSS says police should not celebrate Gandhi Jayanti He also said that it is being misrepresented. The RSS is carrying Nathuram Godse in one hand. The organizers said that they cannot ask for permission to celebrate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who was assassinated by him, and how can the procession be allowed since October 1 when the minister has been denied permission to attend an indoor meeting.


When the judge interrupted and questioned whether permission was being denied only for the procession on Gandhi Jayanti, the police explained that in the current environment, if permission is sought on an alternative date instead of that day, it will be considered and a decision will be taken. Government Chief Criminal Advocate Asan Mohammad Jinnah appeared and said that after the ban on Popular Brand of India, 402 houses, 65 commercial establishments and shops owned by BJP in Chennai North zone alone are being protected and NIA. He said that 52,000 policemen have been deployed for security after the raid and petrol bomb attack.

Then the judge asked the RSS to hold the procession on an alternate date considering the current news, police explanation and threat to the places belonging to the petitioners. advised the organization. Then on Sunday, November 6, the RSS RSS to conduct the procession Besides ordering the organization, he has also ordered to give permission to the police. Adjourning the case to October 31, the judge said that if permission is not granted by then, action will be taken in the contempt of court case.



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