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Yoga poses are useful for gym goers, as yoga poses increase body flexibility and energy, improve heart and lung function, and reduce the risk of injury.

Everyone knows that to stay fit we should do some form of exercise every day. This is why the gym culture has flourished in the last decade. Its influence is not only limited to metros, but gyms have also started opening in small towns and villages. Today’s youth go through a lot of physical and cardiovascular stress for a fit and toned body. But we must remember that heart-pounding, sweat-inducing exercise isn’t the only physical activity necessary to stay healthy. Nowadays we often hear news of even young and fit people suffering heart attacks and cardiac arrest while working out in the gym.

Gymnasium is a modern thing, it was designed to increase the stamina of the soldiers, strengthen the muscles and make them stronger than before. Today, the gym can be helpful for maintaining daily physical activity and balancing work and health, but adding yoga poses to a regular gym-routine can be beneficial. Yoga is useful for gym goers, as it increases body flexibility and energy, improves heart and lung function, and reduces the risk of injury.

Yoga is an ancient and sophisticated science, it has recently become popular worldwide due to the activism of the Ministry of AYUSH. There are some common misconceptions about yoga, e.g. It is not effective in losing weight, as it involves less physical exertion. This is not true, as there are many yoga poses that help in weight loss, such as Ashtanga Vinaya or Surya Namaskar. Some mental activities are also helpful in this. This not only keeps the body fit, but also makes us strong from within. It harmonizes the endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, hormonal and digestive systems for bodily functions. Yoga also includes breathing exercises, which are effective in reducing stress and relaxation. Yoga also works on the pranattva purifying the body and mind at the micro level. Many asanas have the potential to treat obesity, vascular disease and high blood cholesterol. By doing yoga regularly, we can energize our physical system, breathe new life into it. Each asana has an effect. Some are effective for your internal organs, while others are effective for reducing stress. Today, yoga has become popular all over the world for no reason, because it suits the modern man. The beauty of yoga is that people can choose asanas according to their goals and abilities, which is not the case in the gym. There, everyone has to lift heavy weights equally and put pressure on the joints. This poses a risk of injury. So yoga is for all ages and all kinds of people. It can be done anywhere, as it does not require special equipment. On the other hand, the gym is a good option when you want to strengthen your muscles. It is difficult to say which of the two is better, as people have different goals. Both have different positions. But, to stay healthy, it would be better if we include some natural physical activities in our life, e.g. Gardening, playing with children, cycling etc. Because something doesn’t have its benefits unless it becomes a part of daily life.

Ira Trivedi Author, columnist and yoga teacher [email protected] Personal views of the author.

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