In view of “Traffic Month”, the jurisdictional traffic made the drivers and general public aware, IG News

Sant Kabir Nagar, Upper Today on 28.11.2022 under the direction of Director General of Police Gorakhpur, Zone Gorakhpur * Mr. Akhil Kumar * and Inspector General of Police Basti Zone, Basti * Mr. R.K. * In view of “Traffic Month November 2022” * Inspector In-charge Traffic * Mr. Brijesh Yadav * along with team provided information regarding Mappls app on Mehdawal Bypass by making drivers and general public aware of traffic rules done and pamphlets were provided. Jurisdictional traffic to prevent accidents on the road, to make people aware of traffic rules, not to sit three passengers while driving a two wheeler, not to drive a vehicle without a number plate, not to drive in a state of intoxication, Along with not driving at over speed, people were also appealed to encourage their family members and relatives and people around them to use helmets and seat belts while driving. On this occasion, Mr. Ajay Rai, Mr. Ajay Sahan, Mr. Rammagan, Mr. Ajay Pandey and all other officers/employees of traffic and other respected people were present.


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