Inadequate supply of vaccines affects lumpy prevention campaign IG News

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Rising cases of skin diseases and cattle deaths in Depalpur’s Semda village have worried district administration and veterinary department officials, while the lack of goat pox vaccine has slowed down the vaccination campaign to save cattle. . From a deadly disease.

The number of cows in Indore district is about 2.5 lakh, while the number of buffaloes is more than 1.5 lakh. However, only 17,000 cattle have been vaccinated in the district so far, while the veterinary department is awaiting stock of 27,000 more doses of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the administrative officials said that they have completed the survey in the affected areas and around 82 cattle have been found to be suffering from lumpy skin disease.

“We have kept the affected animals in isolation and started symptomatic treatment,” SDM Ravi Verma told the media. The official confirmed the death of 22 cattle due to lumpy skin disease and denied that the cause of death of another cow in Semda village was the spread of the infectious disease among cattle.

On the other hand, villagers claim that more than 40 cattle had died due to skin disease in animals.

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