Increasing Seasonal Diseases: Statewide “Special Camp” Today IG News

To control the H1N1 virus in Tamil Nadu, a special camp is going to be held at a thousand places across Tamil Nadu today.

Regarding the prevention of seasonal diseases that are spreading in Tamil Nadu, the Minister of Health and People’s Welfare, Mr. Subramanian held a consultation with medical department officials and cardiologists at Chennai TMS campus yesterday. Government Medical College Hospital doctors from all over Tamil Nadu participated in this.

After this event, Minister Ma met the press. Subramanian said, “Consultation was held with cardiologists working in Government Medical College. Of this, 48% of the insurance scheme activity comes from Tamil Nadu. Similarly, it is normal for fever to increase when the weather changes. So far, 1,166 people have been affected by H1N1. 46 were children under five years of age. There is no need for people to panic.


On September 21, a special fever camp will be held at one thousand places across Tamil Nadu. People should use this. Schools have been advised to inform their parents if the students have any symptoms and take action. In this case the help of Central Health will be sought if necessary. Everything including fever and corona is under control. Therefore, a special fever camp is functioning today in thousands of places in Tamil Nadu. People should use this constructively,” he said.

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