ind vs nz 2nd t20i pitch controversy, Breaking News: Lucknow curator is scapegoat; A new pitch was prepared on the request of these two – ind vs nz 2nd t20i pitch controversy rahul dravid and hardik pandya demands new pitch on short note now curator fired IG News

Lucknow: The second T20 match between India and New Zealand became the talk of the town. The main issue in this discussion was the pitch. Although India won this second T20 match, the team had to work hard to win. The second match was played at Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekna Stadium, Lucknow and now the third and deciding match will be played in Ahmedabad. However, there was an uproar before that. The commotion is on the pitch of the second T20 match played in Lucknow. Hardik Pandya and Rahul Dravid have now entered the discussion of this pitch.

Regarding the pitch on which the second T20 match was played in Lucknow, Team India captain Hardik Pandya said that the pitch was very poor and unplayable. After Hardik’s statement, Surendra Kumar, the curator of Lucknow’s stadium, has been fired. Sanjeev Aggarwal will be the new Pitch Curator in place of Surendra Kumar. Sanjeev Agarwal will now prepare the pitch for IPL.

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Lucknow pitch

According to reports, two types of pitches were prepared by the curator before this match. Both these pitches were black clay, but at the last moment captain Hardik and coach Rahul Dravid demanded a red pitch. In such a situation, Surendra Kumar somehow prepared a red pitch for the match, but could not make a new pitch as required for T20 matches. This resulted in a very slow pace of batting on the pitch, which is not at all considered appropriate in terms of T20 cricket.

So questions are now being raised as to how the captain can blame Hardik the curator after the team management demanded a new pitch at the last minute. Peach Curator Surendra Kumar has been removed from the post due to Hardik’s statement.

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What is the difference between a red clay and a black clay pitch?

Speed ​​and bounce are high on the red clay pitch. The pitch of Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium is only red clay. There the batsmen can drive the ball from long distance. On the other hand, the ball gets a bit stuck on black clay pitches. The spinners get good turn, as a result the batsmen have to work hard to score runs on this pitch. This type of pitch is rarely seen in T20 cricket.