ind vs sl, only 9 players of sri lanka were dismissed, then how did the all out happen, know what actually happened – ind vs sl 3rd odi : only 9 players of sri lanka were dismissed, then how did the all out happen IG News

New Delhi: India defeated Sri Lanka by 317 runs in the third ODI. It was a big win for India. But 9 Sri Lankan batsmen were dismissed in this match. But still after that India was declared the winner saying that Sri Lanka was all out.

It was seen that Sri Lanka was in a miserable condition in this match. Because where India had built a mountain of 390 runs, the Sri Lankan team could not even cross the 100 run mark. Sri Lanka’s innings ended for 73 runs this time and that’s why India could win by 317 runs. But although the Sri Lankan team lost this time, it was not seen that their 10 batsmen were dismissed this time. Because India was declared the winner only after nine batsmen were dismissed.

Sri Lanka was in a bad state of 51 for 8. Kuldeep Yadav then took the wicket and Sri Lanka were 73 for 9. After that, the fans were waiting for the last Sri Lankan batsman. But the last Sri Lankan batsman did not come to play. Ashen Bandara was the last batsman for Sri Lanka. Some people thought that Ashen would come to bat. But that did not happen. Because Bandara was injured while fielding in this match. Bandara and another Sri Lankan player collided. Virat Kohli had hit one. Two Sri Lankan players came together to block the shot, including Port. He got seriously injured while trying to block this ball. His injury was so severe that he could not even stand after that. So the Sri Lankan doctors came in and treated the port. But the port’s injury was serious. So a stretcher was brought to the ground for him. Bandara was then taken directly out of the field. Bandara was taken to the hospital for medical examination and could not bat as his injury was serious. So after 9 wickets, Sri Lanka made it clear and India won.


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