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Causes and treatment of fasting headaches – IG News

Causes and treatment of fasting headaches

With the advent of Ramadan, the routine of the 11 months suddenly changes, which causes some people to have headaches a few hours before breaking the fast. This headache not only worsens the mood but also makes them angry. It is necessary to treat this pain, otherwise the fasting person is unable to worship attentively as a result of the pain.

According to medical experts, there are several major causes of headaches in most people during Ramadan, including waking up before breakfast or missing breakfast, lack of sleep and not getting the required nutrition. Excessive consumption of caffeine in their blood and not eating due to fasting are also among the causes of headaches.

According to medical experts, the causes of headaches are not drinking enough water after breaking the fast in Ramadan, dehydration, constipation, not drinking enough water and fasting for the second time, low blood sugar, low blood pressure. There are a number of things that can be done to help prevent it.

How to avoid headaches during Ramadan?

While preparing yourself for Ramadan, you should reduce your appetite before it arrives, and you should avoid eating anything extra.

To protect the body from dehydration, drink a glass of water every half or an hour instead of drinking too much water at once after Iftar.

Nutritionists say that the use of hot drinks such as coffee and tea should be reduced during Ramadan to avoid headaches.

Smokers should refrain from smoking cigarettes.

Reduce the use of computers, mobiles, laptops during the day, if you start having headaches, stop using mobiles first.

If you start feeling a headache, close your eyes for a while before it gets worse and think about the positive aspects.

In case of headache, rest for a while to give yourself peace of mind, massage your forehead and head with your hands, massage will reduce headaches.

Bathing can also be done to get rid of headaches during fasting.




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