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Inquiry report on Diana’s explosive interview released, Prince angry over BBC deception – IG News

LONDON: An inquiry report into Lady Diana’s controversial and explosive interview with the BBC was released in November 1995.

According to the details, the inquiry report of the controversial interview of Lady Diana said that the BBC journalist Martin Bashir deceitfully interviewed Princess Diana, this interview was watched by 22.8 million people, in which Diana not only He made revelations about his marriage but also talked about the royal family and the inheritance of the throne.

The inquiry report found that the BBC used high-handed tactics to interview the Wales princess, prompting Prince Harry and Prince William to lash out at the British broadcaster.

Prince William said the BBC had created distances between my parents, an impartial investigation had opened the BBC’s pool, and according to the report, the BBC had completely ignored the standards of honesty and transparency during the interview. What

According to the report, Martin Bashir forged documents to get an interview with Princess Diana. The BBC was severely criticized for working against the standards. The BBC found that Princess Diana’s children, Prince A written apology was also made to Charles and his brother Arla Spencer.

In a statement, Prince William said he was “deeply saddened” to learn that the agency’s mistakes had played a major role in his mother’s mental state in the last years of her life. I was shocked that my mother never found out that she had been interviewed fraudulently.

Prince Harry made new revelations

He reacted angrily, saying that his mother had been thwarted in her (marital) life not only by a rogue reporter but also by the BBC’s Arbab Ikhtiar. Prince Harry praised his extraordinary mother, saying that the exploitative and destructive tendency to practice immoral values ​​over and over again led to his mother’s death.

It is believed that following allegations of fraud in obtaining this interview, on 18 November 2020, the BBC Board assigned Lord Dyson to investigate, the report of which was prepared on 20 May, Princess William said. I welcome the fact that the BBC fully accepted Lord Dyson’s report, the employees of the agency lied to my mother to get an interview and obtained fake documents, they said about the royal family. Made baseless and false claims that added to my mother’s fears and anxieties.




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