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Camel milk has been found to be beneficial in diabetes and cancer, with more benefits. – IG News

Camel milk continues to be used in the West, as in the East, but critics insist it has been tested on animals rather than humans.

Camel’s milk, yogurt and butter are world famous for their great nutrition because they contain large amounts of vitamin C, iron, calcium, insulin and protein.

Camel milk has been researched for a long time and so far many benefits have come to light. However, the latest research has revealed that camel’s milk has rich properties and is highly recommended for diabetics. Can be useful

The UAE University has specifically funded a project to investigate the anti-diabetic properties of camel’s milk.

The purpose of this project is to get more benefits from this milk, especially the benefits that can benefit diabetics.

Camel milk is a popular commodity in the UAE and many parts of the world. It is known for its therapeutic treatment against diseases such as diabetes and cancer. It has also been widely noted that camel’s milk reduces the amount of insulin needed to induce glycemic control and improves blood glucose.

The anti-diabetic properties of camel’s milk have been researched by many researchers around the world, so Dr. Muhammad Ayub from the Department of Biology, College of Science, UAE, Dr. Sajid Maqsood’s Lab, Zaid Center for Health Sciences, UAE In collaboration with the AEU, a lab from the UAE Department of Food Science, College of Food and Agriculture jointly studied the nutrition and properties of camel’s milk.

The purpose of this study is to identify the antiseptic antiseptic agent from protein components in camel’s milk and to understand its mode of action at the molecular level. Dr. Ayub and Dr. Maqsood have recently published a study which revealed that geopotential peptides extracted from camel’s milk have a positive effect on human insulin receptor and glucose transport in cells.

In addition, in addition to protein in camel’s milk, another study provided evidence in favor of anti-diabetic properties, which tested the anti-hyperglycemic effect in diabetic mice. These results are very promising and could lead to a breakthrough in the fight against diabetes using camel milk products.

Thus, research into the anti-diabetic digestive properties of camel’s milk can help reduce the complications of diabetes and help fight this chronic disease in the UAE and around the world.

In addition, such discoveries play an important role in the UAE’s economic growth, especially in the development of camel milk-based diabetes medicine because camels are considered an important economic resource in the UAE. ۔

Camel’s milk is said to be beneficial for diabetics. But there are other benefits to camel’s milk that can be obtained with regular use.





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