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Anniversary of eminent writer, playwright and actor Dr. Anwar Sajjad – – IG News

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Renowned Urdu writer, playwright and novelist, critic, translator and vocalist Dr. Anwar Sajjad passed away on June 6, 2019. He was a progressive writer whose ideas and thoughts are reflected in his writings. He was awarded the Medal of Excellence by the Government of Pakistan in 1989.

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Anwar Sajjad opened his eyes in Lahore in 1935 and after completing his primary education, he enrolled in King Edward Medical College, Lahore, famous for his medical education, from where he obtained his MBBS degree, but turned to nature and the arts. He was inclined, so the reason for his fame was various fields of knowledge and literature.

Anwar Sajjad’s famous books include Choraha, Janam Ka Roop, Khushiyon Ka Bagh, Neeli Notebook. He was also fond of voice acting. He also wrote plays for radio and television and appeared on screen as an actor.

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According to critics, whether it is Anwar Sajjad’s fiction or drama, his metaphorical thinking has been used with great skill and efficiency. His writings were deep and wide-ranging and multifaceted.

TV dramas written by Dr. Anwar Sajjad also became popular among the viewers. He also wrote long-running games. Of particular note are the plays he wrote, “Picnic, Last Night, Coil, Saba and the Sea and This Land Is Mine”. One of his drama series “Yellow Afternoon” was also very popular.

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Dr. Anwar Sajjad died in Lahore and is buried there in a cemetery.


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