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Anniversary of Younis Pahlawan who received the title of Star of Pakistan – IG News

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Younis Pahlawan, who received the title of Star of Pakistan, passed away on June 6, 1964. Today is the anniversary of this famous wrestler of Pakistan. His real name was Younis Khan who became famous in every special and general sport due to his passion for bodybuilding and wrestling.

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Younis Khan was born on December 30, 1925 in Gujranwala. He was a student of Rustam Hind Rahim Pahlawan Sultaniwala. He fought his first battle in 1941 and the following year he competed against Rustam Punjab Chirag Nai Pehlwan in which he defeated his opponent and won the title of Rustam Punjab.

After receiving the title of Rustam of Punjab, he defeated the wrestlers one after the other in several competitions. In 1948, at Manto Park, Lahore, Younis competed against Bhulu Pehlwan, but failed. In 1949, the two wrestlers were once again face to face in Karachi, but luck did not help and Younis wrestlers could not defeat Bholo again and the honor of Rustam of Pakistan slipped from their hands. However, Younis Pahlawan maintained his reputation as a strong and excellent player.

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Younis Pahlawan is laid to rest in Gujranwala Central Cemetery.


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