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Another country approves use of synovic vaccine – IG News

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Another country has approved the emergency use of the Synovik corona vaccine, manufactured by a Chinese pharmaceutical company used in Pakistan.

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After the Gulf countries, Turkey, Malaysia and other countries, China’s Synovik vaccine will now be used in Nepal as well.

The Drug Administration has approved the emergency use of Synovik. This is the second vaccine to be used in Nepal.

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Earlier, only Chinese cyanoform vaccine was allowed to be used in Nepal.

The Department of Drug Administration has informed the concerned agencies about the use of Synovik and said that the vaccine will be given to people aged 18 and above.

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Officials say the use of Synovik was approved by the regulator after completing a study of data provided by the Chinese company.

It should be noted that China had allowed the emergency use of Synovik in July 2020, its Phase One and Two clinical trials were conducted in China, while Phase 3 trials were conducted in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia. , Made in the Philippines.

In Turkey’s Phase 3 trials, the vaccine proved to be 83.5% standard, while in Indonesia’s Phase 3 trials, the vaccine proved to be 65.3% standard.

Mexico, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Thailand have all approved of the corona vaccine. Indonesia imported the first batch of corona vaccine in December 2020. Week has delivered 70 million doses of the vaccine to various countries this month.


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