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Conspiracies against Urdu continue in India! Decision to close several Urdu schools – IG News

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New Delhi: Schools in the Indian state of Gujarat have been closed for the promotion of Urdu language, literature and literature.

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The Indian government is so scared of Urdu that in the past also biased measures were taken against Urdu schools which was strongly protested by the people, once again the Indian authorities have started conspiracies against Urdu.

According to Indian media reports, the condition of Urdu in the state of Gujarat is deteriorating day by day. Despite this, the government is closing schools instead of taking steps for Urdu language and literature. In this regard, six Urdu schools located in the eastern part of Hyderabad. The school board has decided to close the school.

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The Ahmedabad School Board had declared these schools as dilapidated and closed them but the reconstruction work has not started yet. The students of these schools have been shifted to remote schools.

Abdul Nabi Sheikh, former principal of Rakhial Municipal Urdu School, said that the school was established after 1980 but the pillar of the school was doubled in the earthquake of 2001. The school is built above the shops.

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The principal said that if the school is rotten then the shop running under it is also in danger but the shops are running well and the government closed the school.

It is to be noted that at present all the schools in Gujarat are closed due to the second wave of Corona virus.


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