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Important news for ‘hired’ employees – IG News

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Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has clear rules regarding residence, residence and visas for foreigners, which immigrants must follow.

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An online service was provided to address issues related to visa laws or other issues in the country. Local and foreign licenses present their concerns on the platform, which is explained by the government.

A citizen inquired that he wanted to take the sponsorship of a foreigner as a family driver but the former sponsor of the worker has filed a complaint against him. What should be done in such a case?

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The licenses clarified that it can be canceled from the sponsor’s Abshar account within 15 days after the Hroob file is filed. The Ministry makes its decision after a close review of the matter.

Saudi Arabia’s travel ban is an important explanation for foreigners

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Meanwhile, a foreigner was asked about his departure and return, but he postponed his intention to travel. Could there be any difficulty in this case?

Licensing states that a visa must be canceled if it does not travel during the exit and return period, otherwise a penalty is imposed for non-cancellation of the visa.


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