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It’s all over, Asim Azhar released a meaningful message – – IG News

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Karachi: Pakistan’s young and well-known singer Asim Azhar released a meaningful message for critics.

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On the social networking site Instagram Stories, Asim Azhar released a long message in two parts, in which he also drew attention without naming anyone.

In his message, Asim Azhar wrote, “For the last one and a half years, his supporters have criticized him, people have ridiculed me everywhere, I have endured everything in silence for so long.”

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Asim Azhar wrote that now it has come to the point that everyone’s feelings have been hurt by a post, which was not really for anyone, I am very happy for the last year and a half, having a good time with my family. And making good music.

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“When I was being targeted, the whole world was having fun, memes were being made of cut, cut, cut, the same comments were being made at the bottom of every post, some people opposed me under my picture,” he wrote. I pinned them by making comments.

“They were writing comments without paying attention. They used to make fun of my name in parties. Even with friends, no opportunity was missed. Now, after doing everything, they are becoming oppressed.”

Asim Azhar wrote, “Let everyone be happy in their lives, Amen, it was already there, but from today onwards, this chain has been closed forever.” The singer wrote in his post that “the purpose of sharing this post was to tell some people that there is a limit to human hearing, if you are human then I am also human”.


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