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News about Dilip Kumar circulating, family breaks silence – – IG News

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MUMBAI: Legendary Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar has been shifted to a hospital where he is undergoing treatment after falling ill, but news of his death is circulating on WhatsApp, which has been strongly denied by his family. ۔

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According to Indian media reports, 78-year-old Indian actor Dilip Kumar was shifted to Leela Vati Hospital after he had difficulty breathing.

Dilip Kumar’s wife and Bollywood actress Saira Bano confirmed that the legendary actor was unwell and said that she had been having difficulty breathing for the past few days. After being unwell yesterday, she was brought to Hinduja Hospital for routine tests and examinations went’.

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The tweet said, “A team led by Dr. Nitin is providing medical facilities to Dilip Kumar. He has not even been diagnosed with coronary heart disease.” Saira Bano appealed to the fans to remember Dilip Kumar in their prayers and to be very careful.

Earlier, Dilip Kumar’s family lamented the news of his demise, saying, “Don’t believe the forward messages of WhatsApp because Sahib (Dilip Kumar) is in better health than before.” Is.

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The family expressed special thanks to the worshipers and said, “Doctors will allow Dilip Kumar to go home in two to three days, God willing.”

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It may be recalled that Yusuf Khan alias Dilip Kumar was born on December 11, 1922 in Peshawar area of ​​Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Before the partition of the subcontinent, the family lived in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Later, Yusuf Khan’s father Ghulam Sarwar moved to Mumbai, India in 1935 with his family. Where he continued his business.

Dilip Kumar’s father used to trade in fruits. After moving to Mumbai, in 1943, Dilip Kumar met the owners of Bombay Talkies who offered him the lead role in his film. ‘Shooting began.

Yousuf Khan’s first film was released in 1943 in which he played the role of Dilip Kumar. After public popularity, his real name was lost somewhere, but the film name Dilip Kumar was recognized in the industry.

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Veteran actor Dilip Kumar, popularly known as the Tragedy King of Bollywood, has a career spanning six decades. He has acted in more than 65 films in his career. Dilip Kumar is known for his famous roles in films like Devdas (1955), New Era (1957), Mughal Azam (1960), Ganga Jumna (1961), Kranti (1981) and Karma (1986). Actor Dilip Kumar has been awarded the Dada Sahib Phalke Award in 1994 and the Padma Bhushan in 2015.


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