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‘Transparent government of the country’s political history is engaged in public service’ – IG News

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LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has said that the PTI government is fulfilling its promises made to the people and the transparent government of the country’s political history is engaged in public service.

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Talking to media, the Punjab Chief Minister said that every conspiracy of the opposition has failed in the last two and a half years, the government is stronger than before, the aspirations of those who want to overthrow the government will not be fulfilled by 2023, the opposition has no agenda.

He said that the opposition was politicizing only on non-issues, the people had gone through a period of entertaining with empty slogans, in the past the people were harmed instead of giving relief.

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Usman Bazdar said that the PTI government was fulfilling its promises to the people.

He further said that conspiratorial elements should first give an account of the looting of their time, the politics of those who impoverished the country is over forever, the transparent government of the country’s political history is engaged in public service.


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