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US president gives another Pakistani key responsibility – IG News

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Washington: US President Joe Biden has elected Noman Hussain, a Pakistani national living in Texas, as a member of the Presidential Commission.

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According to ARY News correspondent Jahanzeb Ali, Noman Hussain, a Pakistani-born resident of the United States, achieved great success when US President Joe Biden elected him a member of the Presidential Commission.

According to the report, Noman Hussain will fulfill responsibilities in the White House Fellowship Program. The Presidential Commission includes experts who have rendered exceptional services. Noman Hussain is based in Houston, Texas.

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“This is a great achievement for me. Today is one of the most important days of my life,” he said, expressing happiness at being elected a member of the Biden Presidential Commission.

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“I will do my best to do my best and live up to the expectations of the US president,” he said.


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