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Wet scent not going from Multan! – – IG News

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Hearts were already separated here
Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power

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Around the world, where the Corona epidemic has affected public relations, the long and beautiful tradition of the handshake has also become a precautionary measure. This poem of Iman Qaisarani points in the same direction, but by keeping the social distance and this idea of ​​this precaution in the form of a poem, the poet has also satirically hurt the chaos and anarchy in the society.

Iman Qaisarani belongs to Taman Qaisarani Baloch, a famous tribe of Dera Ghazi Khan district. His father Bashir Ahmad Aajez Qaisarani was a Naat poet. Thus faith was attached to knowledge and literature and interest in poetry was inherited. After completing her MA in Urdu and M.Phil from Bahauddin Zakaria University, Multan, she became involved in teaching.

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Iman Qaisarani’s poetry is concise with essays on pain and suffering. His poetry fully reflects human emotions. The word of faith seems to be adorned with unique metaphors and similes. Her poems are full of feminine consciousness and a powerful expression of women’s feelings.

Iman Qaisarani has been teaching Urdu at the university level as well as literary activities. His two collections of words have come to light. See this ghazal of Iman Qaisarani with this introduction.

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Missing memory, not a possibility
Not a wet scent from Multan

Then someone else blocked the way?
Then someone else died

Forget the worries of all times, make sure mine
Except I’m not going by faith

Whether the coach is Hajar or Dar, can I tell you?
I’m going somewhere by a decree

You have seen that stubborn Baloch fool!
Not even with her life

The lake has stopped on this side, so look in that direction
The last bus is from Kagan

Time tells you to light the lamps!
The sun is shining through the hallway anyway

What is the matter with you?
What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ”

Poet: Iman Qaisarani


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