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HomeTechWhatsApp account can be used in four devices simultaneously. - IG News

WhatsApp account can be used in four devices simultaneously. – IG News

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SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app, has confirmed the introduction of a new service for users.

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According to the technology website, in order to confirm Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp officials also hinted at introducing a multi-device feature soon.

This feature of WhatsApp will make it much easier for the users as they will be able to login to the same account on four devices including the computer.

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After this feature, users will be able to log in to their account on four different devices at the same time and all four devices will have Sync facility.

Users will be able to log in to the WhatsApp version of the mobile and computer app only.

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Earlier, the user had to delete the account from the device to create an account in another phone, while on the computer it is only used by scanning the bar code with the help of the website.

In addition to barcodes or verification digits, the company is also working on flash calls to ensure customer safety.


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