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Why softening in Sindh despite rising corona rate? Medical experts surprised – IG News

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Why the easing of sanctions in Sindh despite the warning of the Sindh Health Minister and the increase in the corona rate?

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The Sindh government’s decision to ease the Corona ban has taken medical experts by surprise.

In Karachi, the rate of positive cases of Corona was recorded at 11% and in Hyderabad at 5% during 24 hours.

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Dr. Qaiser of PMA says that Yasmeen Rashid and Punjab government did a very good job, the results are in front.

He further said that the issue of corona virus in Sindh has become a political issue and unless a uniform policy is formulated on it, the situation will not improve.

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Dr. Qaiser also said that the rate of positive cases of corona virus in Punjab has been 2% today while in Lahore it was recorded at 85%.

On the other hand, Sindh Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah said that the number of corona cases has decreased in Karachi, only one district and more cases have come to light in some areas, steps will be taken to prevent corona there.

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