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A life-saving accident truck came to the scene – IG News

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TOKYO: A Japanese automaker has introduced a heavy truck model that will help prevent traffic accidents.

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According to a report by a foreign news agency, the Japanese company has removed the invisible part (blind spot) of the driver in the truck and installed a device (new heavy model) in that place.

Mitsubishi Fuso says the truck also has sensors on both the front and passenger side of the truck that will alert the driver in case of an emergency. If a vehicle is going to collide with a truck, the brakes can be applied automatically.

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Similarly, when the driver starts turning and turning the vehicle, an alarm will sound in case of a passerby or a cyclist nearby to avoid any kind of accident.

The Japanese Ministry of Transportation says the system has been introduced for the first time in trucks sold in the country. Keep in mind that blind spots often cause accidents.


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