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Corona patients reveal another dangerous symptom – – IG News

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A UK medical study has found that mental and psychological symptoms such as tiredness or lack of energy and depression are more common in patients with Covid 19, especially in people with severe illness. Be modest

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Experts from the University of London College analyzed the evidence provided in 215 research reports and discovered that Covid 19 can have a variety of effects on mental health and brain.

“We expected that mental and psychological effects would be more common in severe cases of Covid 19, but we found that some symptoms are more common in people with milder illnesses,” the researchers said.

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Mental health and brain damage appear to be common, he said, adding that the research team systematically analyzed 215 research reports from 30 countries involving more than 150,000 Covid 19 patients. Several symptoms were reported in these reports and their results were compared with a database.

The researchers found that the most common mental and psychological symptoms include loss of sense of smell (43%), weakness (40%), fatigue (38%), loss of sense of taste (37%), and muscle pain (25). %, Depression (23%), headache (21%) and anxiety (16%) were notable.

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They have major mental illnesses such as Paralysis (In 1.9 cases) and Brain Hemorrhage (0.4%) was also discovered. The data contained the majority of patients over Code 19 and focused on patients in the hospital as a whole, although some research reports indicate that they are out of the hospital, ie, slightly ill or asymptomatic. Individuals were also included.

The study found that psychiatric symptoms were also common in cases where patients with Covid 19 symptoms were not hospitalized.

55% of such patients reported fatigue, 52% reported loss of sense of smell, 47% reported joint pain, 45% reported loss of sense of taste and 44% reported headache.

The researchers said that the rate of these symptoms may be the same in critically ill people as in critically ill patients, but since they do not have to report to medical centers, the exact rate is not known. Although the causes of the symptoms have not been addressed, the researchers did provide some explanations.

He said that during the course of the disease, a brain tumor was discovered which could be a possible explanation for some of the symptoms. Similarly, psychological factors are linked to the global epidemic that may play a role.

For example, after a person is diagnosed with code, he is confined to a room that prevents him from seeing his loved ones, which can be a possible cause of depression and anxiety.

The researchers said that a number of factors could play a role in the early stages of the disease, such as inflammation, partial reduction of oxygen supply to the brain and other factors, and more research was needed. The results of the study were published in the medical journal Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.


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