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Why is the new type of corona virus “Alpha” spreading so fast? Smart Research – – IG News

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A new strain of the corona virus, called alpha, has killed millions of people due to its rapid spread, and scientists have made a major discovery after research to gauge its potency.

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In December 2020, British experts announced the discovery of a new strain of the corona virus that was spreading rapidly in the UK.

This type is now called Alpha by the World Health Organization and has become more common in other countries than in any other country. Due to its rapid spread, scientists were amazed at how it finally took control of the world.

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Now one New research I have been told the secret of its success. According to research, the alpha type disrupts the initial defenses of the body’s immune system, causing it to rapidly replicate itself in cells.

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Note that the results of this new research have not yet been published in a medical journal, but have been published online.

There have been 233 mutations in the alpha species that differentiate it from other corona viruses, and since its spread in the UK, genetic testing has sought to determine how it spreads faster than other species.

Most experts have focused on the nine mutations that occur in spike proteins, one of which helps the corona virus to hide and invade cells, but other scientists have focused on the fact that alpha-type What are the effects on the body’s immune response?

To that end, researchers at London College University and the University of California, Berkeley developed corona viruses in human lung cells and then compared alpha-infected cells with other early types of corona.

They discovered that the amount of a protein called interferon in alpha-infected cells decreased dramatically, which plays a role in stimulating the immune system.

They also discovered that the defense genes activated by interferon in these cells were inactive compared to cells affected by other types.

The researchers said that this type of corona does not ring the most important alarm bells of the immune system, in simple words, makes itself invisible.

The researchers then looked at how the strain managed to keep itself invisible, and to that end they examined copies of the corona virus in infected cells.

They found that alpha-infected cells made 80 times more copies than other types, and that this was due to a gene called ORF9B.

Earlier, researchers had discovered in a study that this gene produces a viral protein that enters a human protein, Tom 70. This protein is critical for the release of interferon to fight an invading virus. Is.

After gathering all the evidence, the researchers said that there is a mutation in the alpha type that plays a role in the formation of large amounts of ORF9B proteins.

These proteins enter the human Tom 70 proteins to form interferons and interfere with the immune response. This protects the virus from immune attacks and makes copying easier.

An infected cell gradually removes ORF9B proteins from Tom 70 and the alarm system resumes working 12 hours after the onset of the disease, but by then it is too late.

Researchers believe that when the immune response is delayed, people infected with the alpha type react more strongly than other types, resulting in not only coughing up the virus but also It also comes out of the nose and thus it spreads in a much better way.

Researchers are now working on a type of beta discovered in South Africa and a Delta type identified in India, and preliminary results have taken them by surprise.

They discovered that beta and delta also lower the levels of interferons in infected cells, but they also show signs of dipping cells with ORF9B proteins.

Researchers believe that both of these types have independently found ways to deceive the immune system. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities, he said.


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