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Is the corona virus a laboratory product or of nature? Big claim by American experts – IG News

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Washington: US experts claim that the deadliest epidemic is more likely to be a natural product than a corona virus laboratory.

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In an investigative article published in the Washington Post, two American infectious researchers claimed that the coronavirus was born from natural resources and spread to humans.

The article states that well-known evolutionary infectious disease experts discovered in March 2020 that the virus had not been developed in the laboratory and that the virus had not been tampered with in the laboratory.

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Research has shown that the key elements of the virus are not broken and that there are strange features in the furion crack that no human can design.

According to media reports, the study disproves the notion that the virus was planned and transmitted to humans.

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Experts say recent research by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the origin of the corona virus reinforces the “real speculation about the natural origin of the virus”.


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