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11 killed in residential building collapse in India – IG News

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New Delhi: Monsoon rains in India have wreaked havoc, with 11 people killed and several injured when a three-storey residential building collapsed due to the rains.

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According to foreign media reports, a residential building collapsed due to monsoon rains in the coastal city of Mumbai, where a three-storey building suddenly collapsed on top of a similar building due to weak foundations.

As a result of the accident, the occupants of the building were buried under the rubble, killing 11 and injuring 7.

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According to media reports, more people are likely to be buried under the rubble of the building and rescue operations are underway to rescue them.

Last month, Typhoon Taute wreaked havoc in the Indian state of Gujarat. A five-storey building collapsed in Ahmedabad due to strong winds caused by the typhoon, but no one was killed. There was no financial loss.

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Storm destroys five-storey residential building in India

According to the Indian News Agency, a total of 21 people were killed in India as a result of Typhoon Tawte while dozens are still missing.


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