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5 Tips to Improve Mental Health – – IG News

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The hectic pace of life and the pressures of life have put a strain on a person’s mental health. It is important to take care of your mental health so that you can not only do better in life but also keep yourself happy.

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ARY News Morning Show Informed morning Psychologist Dr. Kanwal Qadeer attended and provided information on mental health.

“The first sign of a mental illness is failure to do something properly,” he said. Whenever we feel a change in a person and the change is in a bad way, we should be vigilant.

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If a person is more lonely than before, starts crying more, his professional performance has changed, then it is a sign of mental distress.

Dr Kanwal said the change was first felt by family and close friends. The next step is to make the person realize that the habit is not normal.

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“Most people don’t accept this change because they get used to it. The majority of women in Pakistan suffer from depression and don’t know they need help. They think more crying, more thinking,” she said. Or avoiding socializing is part of their personality.

Dr. Knoll said that the last whole year has been a victim of corona virus and lockdown and it has caused a lot of damage to our mental health, now the first step to improve mental health is to spend time outside the home.

“After being locked up at home for a whole year, now our brains need fresh air and sunlight, so even if there is no work on any given day, we should get up early in the morning, change our clothes and go out,” he said.

Dr. Kanwal said that he is also a teacher and he has observed that there is a huge increase in anxiety in young children nowadays. This is because of the fierce competition and the tendency to show off on social media.

He also said that most children (and adults) experience a brain blackout on an important occasion or on the day of an exam and fail due to stress, the solution is that whenever such a situation occurs, Focus on what you remember, instead of focusing on what you don’t remember.

Dr. Kanwal also mentioned 5 tips for improving mental health which are as follows.

Spend at least 1 hour outdoors each day in the open air.

Get into the habit of meditating and get help from YouTube videos.

Improve your social circle, spend more time with people who encourage you and with whom you feel happy. If you can’t keep up with the people who keep discouraging you and lose your flaws, at least do so.

Make a list of your accomplishments and the blessings you receive, look at this list whenever you feel sad and frustrated.

Consume chocolate and walnuts regularly, it is very beneficial for the brain.


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