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Amazing benefits of watermelon juice – IG News

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Watermelon is a summer fruit that protects the body and skin from dehydration and helps reduce inflammation affecting the skin.

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In summer, our body needs more water, because with the severity of the weather, we sweat more during our daily routine.

In a report published in Sidti Magazine, nutritionist Dr. Majidi Nazia says that watermelon contains 90% water and is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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In addition to all these benefits, watermelon is also very useful for maintaining the health of the skin.

Nutritionists say that watermelon contains an ingredient called choline, which helps reduce inflammation affecting the skin, while the vitamin A in watermelon juice plays a role in moisturizing the skin.

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He said that the high content of Vitamin C in watermelon helps in the production of collagen in the skin and is beneficial for the health of the skin while the amount of antioxidants helps in reducing the signs of aging on the skin.

In addition to Vitamin B1, B6 and Vitamin A, watermelon also contains fiber, beta carotene and vitamin C, which helps to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, as well as skin blemishes and acne from applying watermelon on the skin. It saves and protects against infection.

Dr. Majidi Nazia said that watermelon juice prevents hair loss, if its hair is applied and washed, impressive results can be achieved.


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