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Conditions for raising electricity prices and taxes, renegotiation with Pakistan’s IMF – IG News

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ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen has said that talks are underway with the IMF on terms and conditions. The IMF wants to increase electricity rates and taxes. We have clearly stated that taxes and tariffs cannot be increased.

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According to details, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen while addressing a press conference said that they are renegotiating the terms with the IMF, the IMF wants to increase electricity rates and taxes, we are not raising electricity rates and taxes.

The Finance Minister said that he had clearly told the IMF that taxes, tariffs could not be increased, we would not impose more burden on the poor and salaried class, steps have been taken in some areas.

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Shaukat Tareen said that the IMF has been given an alternative plan for growth.

He further said that the Financial Times had given completely wrong information about me regarding the United States, I did not say anything about the United States in the interview to the FT, the official denial of the FT report is being issued.

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The Finance Minister said that steps have been taken to make the Statistics Department independent and autonomous. Asad Omar, as the Finance Minister, removed the pressure on him. The Statistics Department should not be under any ministry.

Regarding inflation, Shaukat Tareen said that in next year’s budget you will see a reduction in inflation, next year there will be a big change, harassment of FBR has to end, no FBR man will give notice to anyone.

He said that only 3 to 4% of the people will be audited by a third party. If they are caught doing audit, they will be caught. They are not paying tax and are harassing. ۔

The Finance Minister further said that the issue of load shedding will end, there is surplus electricity, the affairs of K Electric have improved and new agreements are also being signed.


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