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Do you know these ‘chit-patty’ things about pickled pickles? – – IG News

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While the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent have a distinct identity due to their distinctive dialect, way of life and certain customs, the traditional dishes and delicacies of some regions are also very popular.

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In Pakistan and India, meat, vegetables, spices and herbs are commonly used for flavorful dishes, while a variety of pickles and sauces are also prepared for Chatkhara.

In India, pickles have been a part of Dastar Khan for centuries. In the old books on culture and way of life in India, where various dishes are mentioned, there is also mention of pickles and various sauces. A book written in 1594 mentions various types of pickles in India, but there are interesting stories about pickles in books not only in India but all over the world.

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According to experts, Aristotle described a particular pickle as a source of physical correctness, while a similar dish is mentioned in the Gospels. Napoleon was also familiar with pickles and Qulu Patra used a type of pickle to brighten the complexion.

The history books tell us that in India, where the delicacies of the Mughal kings and emperors were decorated with delicious and delicious dishes, there were also a variety of pickles. Similarly, pickles were specially decorated at the banquet of King John of the thirteenth century. It may come as a surprise to you and interesting that US President George Washington used to have a variety of pickles on his dinner table.

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Speaking of Pakistan, the use of pickles with curry and bread is common in the homes of all the small and big cities of the country and when there is a big feast, especially pickles and sauces are prepared and decorated on the table.

Sukkur city of Sindh has the largest pickle market from where all kinds of pickles are sent across the country. There are small and big pickle factories in different cities of Sindh, but Shikarpur is famous all over Pakistan for making pickles. In addition to factories, women also make different types of pickles at home, which are kept in jars.


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