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Is “aspirin” beneficial for corona infected patients? New research – – IG News

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Aspirin, a magical drug used in the world for over a century, was found to be beneficial for corona virus patients, but now researchers say it does not help prevent patient deaths.

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A study in the UK has found that the cheap and readily available drug aspirin does not improve the condition of hospital admissions as a result of covid 19.

A trial was launched in the UK in November 2020 to see if aspirin would help reduce the risk of blood clots in people.

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Keep in mind that patients with coronavirus have a very high risk of blood clots and aspirin is a drug that helps to thin the blood and can reduce the risk of clots.

The results now show that aspirin use does not help prevent the deaths of COD 19 patients. In this trial called Recovery, various drugs are being tested as a treatment for patients undergoing treatment in the hospital.

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About 15,000 patients were included in the trial during the aspirin study, half of whom were given 150 mg of aspirin daily while the others were given routine care.

The study found that aspirin treatment did not reduce the risk of death, and the mortality rate in both groups was 17% after 28 days of hospital treatment.

The researchers said that although aspirin increased the risk of patients being discharged slightly, it did not justify its use for code 19 patients. Professor Martin Lundrey, who led the research team, said the results were disappointing.

He said there were strong indications that blood clots could affect the lung function of critically ill people and seriously increase their risk of death.

He added that aspirin is a cheap and readily available drug that reduces the risk of blood clots, so the results are disappointing because it did not bring much benefit to cod patients, but that is why a large control trial is important. Shows, to determine which treatment works and which does not.

Dexamethasone, a drug used to save lives from cod, was discovered during the recovery trial, which was found to be helpful in saving the lives of dying people.

The results of the research on aspirin were not published in any medical journal but were published on the Pre-Print Server Med Archive.


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