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Obese people get hired here, unique service launched in Japan – – IG News

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Tokyo: A very unique service has been launched in Japan, people in need will now be able to hire obese people.

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According to the details, a new Japanese service is gaining people’s attention, in which both individuals and companies can hire obese people for 2,000 yen (18 18) per hour.

In Japan, hiring people for various tasks and purposes is out of the question. People hire people to befriend their unfaithful partner’s lover. Please

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In Japan, such people are also hired to alleviate the loneliness of middle-aged people, and the service of making rent available to obese people has also started this month.

The service is called Debucari, which allows anyone to hire an obese person online on an hourly basis. The service is run by a man named Mr. Bliss, who Earlier, Qzilla, a fish brand for people with heavy bodies, was also launched.

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According to the company’s website, the idea came to Mr. Bliss when he was looking for fat people for a clothing brand. He also opened a talent agency for fat people in 2017.

In Japan, 100 kg of obese people are rarely found, so if such people can be found under an online service, it can certainly be a good business. So to be a part of this unique online service, you have to be a Japanese citizen and weigh at least 100 kilograms.


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