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“Russia has to face serious consequences.” – IG News

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Washington: US President Joe Biden began his first foreign trip since taking office on Wednesday.

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At the start of the visit, US President Joe Biden expressed his unwavering commitment to NATO allies, but warned Russia that it would have “strong and meaningful consequences” if it continued to engage in harmful activities, according to a foreign news agency. Have to face

Speaking to about 1,000 troops and their families at British Airbase, Biden said he would meet with the Russian president next week after separate meetings with NATO, G7 and European leaders. Will message

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“We do not want conflict with Russia, we want stable relations, but I have made it clear that the United States is strong and meaningful if the Russian government continues to engage in harmful activities,” he said at the start of his eight-day visit. Will respond in style

Before leaving for Europe, US President Joe Biden told reporters that he made it clear to President Vladimir Putin and China that Europe and the United States are strong.

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It should be noted that the meeting of the US President with his Russian counterpart in Geneva on June 16 is an important part of this visit. US President Joe Biden will hold talks with NATO and European leaders in Brussels.

Russia and China are expected to dominate the agenda, and more funding for joint defense will be part of the agenda, culminating in US President Joe Biden’s visit to Geneva.


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