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“Some people risk their careers for fame.” – IG News

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Karachi: Actor Salman Sheikh alias Mani got angry over the negative use of social media for fame.

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Actor Salman Sheikh alias Mani, the husband of actress Hira Mani, shared a post on Instagram in which he said, “What is the difference between today’s content and controversy? When I started my career in early 2000, the only writers and hosts who were successful were the ones who had good content every week to give to the audience.

“If someone didn’t have a new idea, they wouldn’t be able to move forward in this field, nor would they have more opportunities,” Mani wrote.

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He wrote in his post that in today’s world there are many things like tick talk, snack video and vlog to get 10 minutes of attention while ideas and content have disappeared and have been replaced by controversy.

“Some people risk their entire careers for just a few minutes of fame,” Mani lamented.

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The actor asked, “Should we now bury things like intelligence, the ability to write, the pen?”


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