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Riyadh: The Saudi Interior Ministry has said that a terrorist belonging to ISIS has been sentenced to death after being found guilty of killing a security official in Jeddah last year.

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According to the state news agency, the Interior Ministry said in a statement that Walid Sami al-Zahiri, an Egyptian citizen, had killed Hadi bin Musafar al-Qahtani, a security official in Jeddah on November 12, 2020. The security guard was attacked with a knife during Fajr prayers.

Security personnel Hadi bin Musafar Al-Qahtani was on duty and stopped at the petrol station for prayers. According to the statement, security forces arrested the accused. During the interrogation, Iqbal pleaded guilty and said that he had no personal quarrel. The terrorist organization carried out the attack because of its affiliation with ISIS.

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Waleed Sami al-Zahiri was charged with murder and affiliation with a terrorist organization and was handed over to a special criminal court.
The appellate court and then the apex court had also upheld the sentence while the royal court had issued an order implementing the court order.

It should be noted that according to a Saudi Arabian organization, the number of people sentenced to death in the country has decreased significantly last year.

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The Saudi Human Rights Commission (SHRC) says 27 people were sentenced to death in 2020. According to the agency, this number is 85% less than in 2019.

The report states that the death penalty for drug-related crimes has been unannounced. Thus, those who commit less serious crimes are being given a second chance.


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