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The sun began to eclipse, people in different parts of the world began to watch – – IG News

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The first eclipse of this year has started in different countries of the world. At 3:42, the eclipse has reached its peak.

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This is the first solar eclipse of the year to begin in northern Canada. The eclipse was also observed in the United States, Russia, Europe, Greenland and North Asia.

The eclipse was not seen in Pakistan. The eclipse started at 1:12 pm according to Pakistani time and will end at 4:34 pm.

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The sun in the sky looks like a ring of fire, the clearest on the northern hemisphere, which includes parts of Canada and Siberia.

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The eclipse is partial, meaning that people living in its shadow will not be in darkness during the day. The eclipse is partly part of North America, part of Europe, including France and Britain, and North Asia. I saw

If the sky is clear, Londoners will be able to partially observe the eclipse.

Experts warn against seeing the sun directly during an eclipse, even if it is hidden behind sunglasses or clouds, because if the retina burns, it will not heal again. Maybe.

People who want to watch the eclipse should buy glasses specially designed for it, and the Paris Observatory said it would show the viewers live on its YouTube channel.


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