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The unique story of a loving marriage couple – IG News

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New Delhi: A missing girl has been recovered from her husband’s house after 11 years. The girl pretended to be missing in order to get married.

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According to Indian media reports, the incident of meeting the girl after 11 years took place in Pulkad district of Kerala, India, where a girl named Sajeeta ran away from home in 2010 to marry a Muslim boy of her choice.

The girl’s family lodged a report of the disappearance of her 18-year-old daughter Sajeeta at a nearby police station, after which police searched the girl everywhere except for Rehman’s house but failed.

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According to media reports, the girl was living with her husband in a house near her parents’ house and had been living in a room for many years.

Sajeeta’s husband Rehman had been taking care of his wife for the past 10 years and kept her in a room where he would deliver her food, water and other necessities to hide from the locals.

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There was a window in the room which was closed all day but at night Sajita would open the window and go out and come back to the room after a while.

According to media reports, the two had been living like this for the last 11 years, but three months ago, Sajita left the house for unknown reasons and on the same day, Rehman also fled after quarreling with his family.

After which the Muslim boy’s brother Bashir lodged a complaint of disappearance with the police but the police failed to find Rehman as well.

One day Bashir went to a nearby village for some work and accidentally saw Rehman where he was staying in a rented house with his wife Sajita. Bashir produced them both in court with the help of police.

Indian media say the court allowed the Hindu girl to stay with her Muslim husband Rehman at her request.

After the girl was found with her husband, it was found out that she was staying in a house near her parents’ house but the girl’s family did not know about it.


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