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What did Maura Hussain look like twenty years ago? – IG News

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What did Maura Hussain look like twenty years ago?

Leading actress of Pakistani showbiz industry Maura Hussain has shared her 20-year-old photo on social media.

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Actress Maura Hussain has shared a photo of herself on the photo and video sharing app Instagram in which she has compared a recent photo with a 20-year-old photo of herself.

Maura Hussain shared her photo and wrote, “Wherever you smile, there is my destination.”

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The actress further wrote that “a special person has told her to remember who you were as a child and try to be proud of this little sincere man, you will never stray from the straight path, inshallah.”

“It’s been 20 years but I still look the same,” Maura wrote of her photo.

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This post of the actress is very much liked by the fans, this post has been liked by more than 77 thousand people in just 13 hours.

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